Personalisation & Variable Data Print

Our Company is able to barcode and personalise all type of Security Documents including the infilling of data in the production of cheque’s, Certificates, Electronic Fund Transfer’s (EFT’s) to mention but a few.

Products & Services

The total Security turnkey solutions provided by us at our state-of-the-art production facilities make Guillemot a formidable force in the corporate printing industry. These services include :-

  • No Annual Shutdown in operations.
  • High Technology infrastructure and systems including forms and stock management.
  • High security document handling and production.
  • Experienced and well trained staff ensuring quality service and products.
  • Total client satisfaction based on consistent commitment.

Our product range implements the latest market technologies offering our clients state-of-the-art solutions applicable to a variety of industries. The innovative solutions include all of the latest available security features applicable.

Our wide product range includes :-

  • Gift Vouchers
  • Personalised Cheques and Cheque Books
  • Concert and Sport Tickets
  • All type of Certificates including Share Certificates
  • Bearer Note and Negotiable Certificates of Deposit
  • Mobile Phone Vouchers
  • Bank Deposit Books and Slips
  • Savings Account Books
  • Barcoded Forms and Labels for Item Tracking
  • Capitalisation Circulars
  • Variable Data Application
  • Company Stationery
  • Stock Paper and Multi-Part Business Forms in all sizes.
  • Circulars
  • Corporate Brochures
  • Folders, Labels
  • Letterheads, Complimentary Slips and Business Cards
  • Invoice, Statements, Delivery Notes, Credit Notes, Receipt and Order Books
  • Waybill and Picking Slips
  • Card Carriers
  • Notepads A4 & A5
  • Till Rolls
  • Leaflets, Point of Sale Material
  • Signage
  • Diaries, Calendars & Desk Pads

Security Paper

Our imported security paper has single tone (electrotype) all-over mosaic design and is suited for value document printing and is available . . . Read More...

Security inks

The majority of security inks work in conjunction with security paper. Chemically reactive inks bleed when solvent falsifying reagents are utilised in attempts to alter information. Visible fluorescent . . . Read More...


The use of the hologram has become a prime value added feature offered by Guillemot in security document printing. One of the biggest problems facing security document printers is the . . . . Read More...

Product INFO

Guillemot offers the widest range of Security Print, Variable Data Print and General Print utilising the latest technologies and innovations available.