The use of the hologram has become a prime value added feature offered by Guillemot in security document printing. One of the biggest problems facing security document printers is the sophistication of the modern day colour copier, which in many instances prints copies very similar to the original.

A very secure feature which is available in various holographic formats - these being two dimensional, three dimensional, two and three dimensional combined, multi-grams, stereogram and dot matrix to name but a few - are all registered with Interpol.

Holograms are designed and originated to the exact requirements of our clients making each hologram unique. However, generic Holograms are also available. Specialised equipment in our factory is used to apply the holograms, registering the image with 100% accuracy, onto the document of value. The hologram is applied to the paper with pressure at a very specific temperature making the removal from the paper extremely difficult.

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Guillemot offers the widest range of Security Print, Variable Data Print and General Print utilising the latest technologies and innovations available.