Our Production facilities boast three web presses all with 5 on-line printing units. Wet and dry offset printing is available. Penetrating ink for cheque crossings as a sixth on-line colour is also offered.
Other equipment includes a multi-station collator, a series of overprinting presses, continuous forms foiling presses, sophisticated MICR encoding machines, hologram applicators which also have the facility to foil and emboss, MICR line encoding equipment.
Barcoding equipment and document verification machines which scan and verify the entire MICR code line for missing or sub-standard numbering prior to packaging.
High speed digital personalisation units having the ability to personalise in MICR toner for added security should it be required.
The latest state-of-the-art Computer to Plate (CTP) boasting the ability to produce plates for our presses in less than two minutes whilst reducing the carbon footprint of our Company.